Nair Hair Removal Cream


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The depilatory experts at Nair have developed a range of their hair removers for quick and easy hair removal. The products are designed to work on different types of hair and on different parts of the body. Hair removal has never been so simple!

In our Gallup survey we found that if women could permanently change one aspect of their beauty routine, removing body hair would be high on the agenda. So we’ve focused on developing a range of fast-working, yet gentle solutions that make hair removal simple for every type of hair and skin area.

So why use Nair products? The real question is, why can shaving be so disappointing? Because shaving literally slices off the ends of your hair, it can leave a sharp edge behind. When those cut edges emerge, you can feel that rough, stubbly sensation as you run your hands over your skin. Not to mention how it feels to someone else! And, no matter how many blades you have, the stubble will always emerge. Add the possibility of nicks, cuts and razor bumps to the equation. The answer therefore is to use Nair products for smoother skin for longer, without those hideous nicks and cuts.

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