Movicol Constipation Treatment

Movicol is a leading brand of constipation treatments that helps you have and maintain comfortable bowel movements. Available in a range of flavours, this constipation treatment can be purchased over-the-counter and a popular brand with Chemist Direct. Check out Movicol today!

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Relieve bowel discomfort with Movicol

Movicol sachets contain osmotic laxative and are for people who have problems with constipation and uncomfortable bowel movements for a long time. Movicol is also used for relieving more severe constipation which is called faecal impaction. Movicol Sachets are easy to take and even come in a chocolate flavour for easy consumption.

Fast and effective relief with Movicol

Movicol is an inert substance that passes through the body's gut without being absorbed into the body. Each sachet's contents is to be mixed with water and drunk in order to relieve constipation. This drink made from Movicol sachets increases the water content and the volume of the stool in the bowels, making it softer and easier for passing.

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