Listerine Mouthwash & Oral Care

Listerine's range of mouthwash effectively cleans your teeth and protects against cavities. The wide variety of mouth rinses each have added properties such as plaque-control, teeth whitening or anti-bacterial. There are specialist rinses to combat sensitive teeth and there is a zero-alcohol selection as well. All mouthwashes come in a range of flavours, including citrus and menthol.


Listerine is one of the top oral health brands

You can help prevent gum disease and tooth decay by thoroughly removing the plaque that builds up on your teeth and along the gum-line. A good daily oral hygiene routine is very important. Listerine is clinically proven to reduce plaque by up to 56% more than brushing alone.

Plaque is a major cause of gum disease that can lead to tooth loss so a thorough oral care routine is important to keep teeth and gums healthy. Listerine kills millions of germs on contact to prevent and reduce plaque build in hard to reach areas of the mouth.

Listerine has something to suit everyone's tastes

Listerine caters for everyone by offering the widest range of everyday mouthwash products, including Listerine Stay White, Listerine Teeth & Gum Defence and Listerine Total Care Sensitive. Their mouthwashes are also now available in a range of flavours like Coolmint, Citrus as well as the Listerine Original. Listerine products all contain the same combination of essential oils, which have been clinically proven to reduce plaque development by up to 56%. Studies have also shown that Listerine reduces 48% more plaque from in-between teeth than brushing and flossing alone.

Keep on top of your excellent oral health with Listerine

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