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Lactulose Piles Treatment

Lactulose Solution available at Chemist Direct

Constipated? Passing stools too hard or painful. Then after incorporating fibre, fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet, if that doesn’t help, maybe you can try Lactulose solution to help loosen stools making them easier to pass.

What is a laxative?

Lactulose solution is a natural laxative that regulates the bowel disorders gently and is used for the treatment of constipation, including chronic or habitual constipation. Buy Lactulose for your constipation needs. Lactulose Solution is a synthetic disaccharide; a sugar molecule composed of two smaller sugar molecules bonded together, in this case Fructose and Galactose.

Lactulose is not metabolised or absorbed by the body. Rather, the bacteria in the colon or large bowel break the lactulose down into acids. These acids pull water into the colon and soften the stool. Peristalsis, the movement of the food through the intestines, is also promoted through the actions of lactulose. Bowel evacuation becomes much easier as a result.

Lactulose Solution may be needed to help people with bowel disorders, including pregnant women, nursing mothers, children with constipation, people who recently underwent surgery, elderly people or people with severe and/or chronic constipation.

Lactulose solution has a dual mode of action- it softens stools and promotes their movement through the bowel. Buy Lactulose to help deal with constipation. It may take between 24 and 72 hours before normal defecation occurs.

Try Lactulose solution when constipation occurs.

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