Kwells Travel Health Care

Kwells medicines are indicated to prevent travel sickness. Kwells can be used by both kids (above 4 years) and adults.

Kwells is used to prevent all types of Travel Sickness (car, coach, plane, train and ship) and is suitable for use in adults and children over the age of 4 years, (dose adjustments are needed for children between 4-12 yrs of age).

Kwells travel sickness prevention contains the active ingredient Hyoscine Hydrobromide (0.3mg) and does not contain caffeine (a stimulant) or Dimenhydrinate (may cause drowsiness), which are found in other travel sickness treatments.

Kwells is the No.1 selling treatment for travel sickness prevention.

Kwells should be taken at least 30 minutes before commencing your journey as travel sickness is more easily prevented than treated - once vomiting occurs it is almost impossible for oral medication to be absorbed into the body. 

Q: Are there preservatives in Kwells?
A: There are no preservatives present in Kwells.
Q: What active ingredients are in Kwells?
A: The active ingredient is Hyoscine hydrobromide. Kwells does not contain caffeine or dimenhydrinate.
Q: I get nervous prior to flying and feel airsick when the plane is flying. What can I do?
A: The best solution is to take travel sickness prevention 30 minutes prior to flying and when checking ask to be seated over a wing. When on the plane also open the air vent to allow fresh air to flow over your face.

Q: When traveling by car the kids frequently become air sick. What can I do?
A: The best solution is to treat them with travel sickness prevention 30 mins prior to the journey. Kwells can be used for children 4 years and up (refer to pack for dosage instructions).
In addition ensure they have eaten 2-3 hours before travelling and drink water during the journey.  When driving they should be safely elevated to allow them to see where they are going.

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