Klorane hair care products are available as shampoos, sprays, conditioners and more. Klorane shampoos are available in different varieties such as oatmilk, cornflower, chamomile, almond milk.


Klorane Laboratories is a pioneering brand that is committed to the study and preservation of plant heritage. At Klorane they follow a strict code of conduct based on adherence to pharmaceutical ethics, that includes an extreme level of rigour at every stage of the product manufacturing; botanical expertise. All of their products are based on plant extracts; authenticity- a founding value of the  brand; and a commitment to protect plant heritage. A brand based on passion for plants and nature. The phytofilliere, the only chain of plant expertise of its kind in the world, was born of this philosophy and guarantees high levels of quality, efficacy and safety. Plants are central to all Klorane Laboratories activity and are the reason for their product’s efficacy. Explorer’s of the plant kingdom, there is not one extract that has not been studied in order to discover its potential effectiveness. Through their products, Klorane Laboratories convey a number of values; authenticity, simplicity and  safety.

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