Joop is one of the top designers in clothing and fragrances

Opposites attract; this is Joop, unique in its style. Classic clothing and accessories, but always with a "touch of glamour". Joop stands for the latest fashion, eroticism and provocation but also for controversial perceptions, high emotions and spirit. All these are parts of the brand and the company, whose success can be defined by a unique name, Joop!. The first Joop perfume was introduced in 1987 and Joop jeans were introduced in 1988. Joop! Femme and Joop! Splash and two of the top Joop! fragrances.

Fragrances for men and women

Their fragrances are usually refreshing and light for both men and women. Other popular Joop! ranges include Joop! Homme, Joop! Jump, Joop! Go and Joop! Miss Wild.

Allow Joop! to add a splash of excitement to your fragrance collection

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