Imodium Diarrhoea Treatment

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Diarrhoea can occur suddenly at any time and can immediately stop you in your tracks. Carrying out daily tasks can seem impossible when the toilet is constantly calling you. You dare not leave the house for fear of a pending accident. It is an incredibly common complaint with almost one third of the UK adult population suffering at one time or another. However, there is no reason to let diarrhoea stop you enjoying your daily activities.

Imodium products like Imodium Instant Melts, Imodium Capsules, Imodium Plus Caplets provide fast and effective relief of diarrhoea - faster than the leading prescription anti-diarrhoeal. Imodium products are available in many forms, including liquid, chewable tablets and caplets. To help avoid diarrhoea, as much as you can, you need to help maintain good digestionwhich you can do via natural remedies for healthy digestion including probiotics.

How does Imodium work?

Diarrhoea starts in your small intestine. Normally food gets broken down in your small intestine, and the important nutrients are absorbed. Muscles move digested food content through your system. When you have diarrhoea, food content is being moved through your system too quickly, and nutrients are not being properly absorbed.

Loperamide, the anti-diarrhoeal medicine in Imodium products, is absorbed directly in the wall of your small intestine. It slows down your small intestine to a normal pace. This means your intestine has more time to absorb the nutrients from food, and you have less frequent bowel movements.

For immediate relief from Diarrhoea try Imodium

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