Fixodent Dentures

Fixodent denture adhesives can improve the fit and feel of your dentures. 

They can help prevent slipping when you eat and speak, and help you feel more confident that your dentures won't be noticeable to others. Fixodent Denture Adhesives come in different easy-to-use varieties, giving you a long, strong hold that lets you enjoy life without limitations. Explore our products and find the Fixodent that's right for you.

Why Choose Fixodent adhesives?

It is normal for even well-fitting dentures to move a little when you're doing everyday activities such as eating and talking. This may feel strange and even make your gums sore. Denture adhesive products can improve the fit and feel of your dentures.

  • Reduce denture movement and prevent sore gums
  • Increase the hold of your dentures and allow you to bite harder
  • Cushion your gums and make your dentures feel more comfortable
  • Provide a seal along the edges of the denture, which will help prevent food from getting trapped under the dentures versus no adhesive.
Enhance your confidence and always know you're secure wwith Fixodent 

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