Fenjal Body Lotion & Bath


Classic beauty care from Fenjal

In 1962 Fenjal crème bath was the first Doetsch Grether product to be launched the Swiss market. In 1967 the Fenjal Classic Crème Bath which we all know and love hit the UK – and forty years on, it’s still a best seller making women feel special every day.

Beauty Tips from Fenjal
  • Disguise the distinctive smell of self-tan by mixing it in the palm of your hand with a scented moisturiser like Fenjal Hydrating Body Lotion. You’ll avoid dark patches and eliminate the chemical smell with ease!
  • To avoid unpleasant static on your legs when wearing pencil skirts, shake a little talc on before getting dressed. Fenjal Body Powder works perfectly leaving legs soft and silky smooth too.
  • If you’re pushed for time, talcum powder can work wonders on your hair too! Just shake a little onto roots wait for two minutes then brush out – any grease will have been soaked up and swept away.
  • When your skin is feeling parched, contact with water can leave you drier than ever. Try a super indulging bath treat like Fenjal Crème Bath Oil to replenish your skin and leave your limbs silky smooth. Scientists maintain that the use of fragrance has a positive psychological effect – so enjoying a relaxing soak while enjoying the delicate scent of Fenjal Crème Bath is actually good for you.
  • Stress is a major ageing factor – so being positive and spending time with friends are two of the best ways to look more radiant!
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