Dulcolax Constipation Treatment

Dulcolax available from Chemist Direct

If you are currently suffering from constipation fear not, there is help. Dulcolax is an effective laxative that is uniquely formulated to work throughout the night, (usually work within 6-12 hours after taking one dose) so when you awake, you can go to the toilet with much more ease.

Each of us has individual needs and preferences when it comes to choosing a laxative. Dulcolax is available in a number of different forms, providing a range of convenient products with a good safety profile for you to choose from.

Why Dulcolax?
  • Dulcolax Tablets (Bisacodyl) are trusted around the world as gentle, reliable and easy to take. Each small tablet contains a precisely measured amount of the active ingredient, Bisacodyl, to ensure that Dulcolax tablets are particularly predictable and reliable. Dulcolax tablets are ideal for people seeking overnight relief from constipation, since, 6 to 12 hours after taking an individual dose, the colon is gently stimulated and constipation is relieved. Dulcolax Tablets have the special Dulcolax Comfort Coating, ensuring that their active ingredient is released exactly where it's needed: in the colon (the lower part of your digestive system). The Dulcolax Comfort Coating resists the digestive juices of the stomach and the small intestine. It dissolves only when it reaches the correct alkaline environment: the colon.
  • Dulcolax Suppositories (Bisacodyl) are ideal for people seeking almost immediate relief from constipation. They are reliably effective in 15 to 60 minutes. Because it is effective only in the colon, it may be suitable for use during pregnancy, but, as with all medicines, Dulcolax Suppositories should be avoided in the first trimester, unless the expected benefit is thought to outweigh any possible risk to the foetus.
  • Dulcolax Perles (Sodium Picosulphate) are our latest innovation and offer a lighter dose of laxative in a convenient microcapsule form. Dulcolax Perles contain Sodium Picosulphate to ensure a gentle yet effective laxative effect in 6 to 12 hours. The small gel capsules are easy to swallow, and can be precisely dosed according to your individual needs.
For immediate relief from Constipation try Dulcolax

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