Clearblue Pregnancy Tests

Clearblue is the Number 1 selling brand of home pregnancy and fertility tests worldwide

Every year, 20 million women buy Clearblue products and 13 million visit their website for accurate information. This highlights the trust that women have in Clearblue, thanks to their ability to help women confirm if they are pregnant or assist them in conceiving if they are trying. All Clearblue Pregnancy Tests are easy to use and 99% accurate, with a clear answer in just 2 minutes.

Helping your family planning to be simple and easy

Clearblue are here for you for every step of your journey when trying to conceive. Their Fertility Monitors and Fertility Test Sticks are the most advanced home methods that can be used to maximise your chances of conception, as they will help you to pinpoint your most fertile days within your monthly cycle so you will know the best days to try and conceive. Their Conception Indicator will also indicate conception, so that you know how far along the pregnancy you are and making the first stages of pregnancy much easier.

Accuracy and assurance from Clearblue at Chemist Direct

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