Carnation Footcare

Carnation Footcare is one of the nation's favourite footcare brand with over 100 years of experience and innovation under their belt. Their range of foot care products and foot sprays is designed to care for your feet, helping you with your callouses, corns and other foot conditions. 

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Carnation - A Guide To Everyday Footcare!

Carnation have been taking care of the nation's feet for 85 years and have a solution to almost any foot problem. The Carnation foot care range are a proven and effective approach to pressure relief on painful corns.

Carnation footcare supplies include callous caps, cooling foot spray, corn caps, odour control spray and gel cushions to ease discomfort.

  • Carnation Animal Wool is pure wool, soft and versatile padding that relieves friction and pressure.
  • Carnation Callous Caps are a clinically proven, all-in-one way to remove painful callouses.
  • Carnation Cool Foot Antiperspirant Spray is specially formulated to offer advanced protection against perspiration. Its long lasting action leaves feet smelling fresh feeling clean.
  • Carnation Corn Caps are medicated plasters that are clinically proven to remove corns within a 10 day treatment period.
  • Carnation Fresh Foot Odour Control Spray is specially formulated to offer advanced protection against foot odour.
  • Carnation Tip Toes Gel Cushions are designed to prevent soreness and pain in the balls of the feet. They offer maximum comfort in most shoe styles, especially high-heeled fashion shoes.

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