Brut Aftershave & Deodorant


Brut Aftershave and Deodorant for Men available at Chemist Direct

Today BRUT is still one of the best-selling men's fragrances. A Brut man will never let you down. Brut products first launched in 1964 and currently rank among the top 3 men's fragrances sold in mass.

Underarm odour is caused by the by-products of bacteria that thrive on sweat. Brut antiperspirant/deodorant sticks with trimax prevent odour by stopping the wetness and killing the bacteria, leaving only the clean, classic fragrance of Brut.

The trimax formula fights odours in 3-ways. Trimax uses two anti-microbial agents to eliminate the bacteria that cause odour plus uses the fresh scent of Brut to leave you smelling great.

In addition to trimax, Brut uses the same antiperspirant active ingredient found in more expensive “Clinical” products. FDA-approved clinical testing over a 24-hour period proved Bruts antiperspirant/deodorant stick to be "Most Effective" at stopping wetness—the highest category/classification of antiperspirants.

By combining Bruts trimax triple action deodorizing technology with Brut’s clinically proven, most effective, wetness fighting technology, Brut antiperspirant/deodorant sticks have the power men can count on to keep them feeling fresh and confident all day.

3 oz. Clear Active Sport Gel
Glides on smooth and dries quickly with no visible residue…perfect for beach or whenever you've got nothing to hide.

2 oz. and 3 oz. Invisible Solid Stick
Maximum protection from perspiration…goes on easy and provides maximum protection against wetness and odor for 24 hours, with no white residue.

4 oz. & 6 oz. Antiperspirant Spray
Quick and easy coverage for those who prefer a convenient spray.

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