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Bioxtra Dry Mouth Treatment


BioXtra dry mouth care products available at Chemist Direct

BioXtra dry mouth are six complementary mouth care products especially formulated for optimal comfort and better oral health.

Moisturing Toothpaste - Helps maintain a healthy motuh by reinforcing and activating saliva's defence mechanisms, maintaining the pH for controlling plaque and fresh breath, cleansing and refreshing and strengthening teeth.
Anti-Plaque Mouthrinse - Helps relieve the sumptoms and effects of oral dryness by prolonging the action of bioXtra toothpaste, supplementing the saliva's natural protective mechanisms, refreshing and moistening the mouth withour burning or stinging.
Moisturising Oral Gel - Provides immediate, long lasting relief of dry mouth, especially at night by lubricating dry oral surfaces, helping keep gums moist and comfortable, supplementing and activating saliva's natural defence mechanisms.
Moisturing Gel Spray - Instantly relieves the discomfort of oral dryness by moisturising lips, tongue and gums. Helping to encourage the flow of natural moisture and supplements saliva's defense mechanisms.

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