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Biotene Oral Care


Biotene is a specialist brand that has developed a full range of products to combat the symptoms of dry mouth.




Each Biotene product contains the patented Biotene Triple Enzyme System, which comprises three enzymes and one protein that are found naturally in human saliva. These triple enzymes help to boost and maintain the vital antibacterial protection that is essential for a healthy mouth, at the same time providing the moisture essential for oral comfort.


The Biotene range of oral care products have been specially designed to both tackle the problem of discomfort from a dry mouth and the oral health problems caused by a lack of saliva in the mouth. 

Dry Mouth
The medical term for patients suffering from dry mouth/oral dryness is Xerostomia. Dry mouth is a distressing disorder caused by a decreased amount of saliva in the mouth. 
The symptom of dry mouth is quite common, with nearly 5% of the population suffering, and usually occurs alongside other relating conditions. Side effects of commonly prescribed medications are, perhaps, the most common cause of dry mouth. Other causes include; therapeutic radiation, depression and anxiety, getting older, Cerebral Palsy, dehydration, and Rheumatoid conditions.
The Important Roles and Functions of Saliva
- Saliva is 99% water, and the other 1% is made of proteins like enzymes.
- Saliva is the source of the body’s major defence system. The enzymes in saliva reduce harmful bacteria, while leaving beneficial bacteria and helps maintain a healthy oral balance of flora.
- Saliva keeps the teeth and gums healthy and eliminates bad breath.
- Saliva also plays an important role in Digestion, Taste and Speech.
- The prolonged disruption to the normal flow of saliva will cause dry mouth, thereby lessening the protective action of the salivary enzyme system.
How Can a Dry Mouth Be Prevented
- Sip liquids with meals
- Use gravy, sauces, yoghurt, margarine and mayonnaise to aid eating
- Take small bites of food and chew slowly
- Eat foods that are hot, spicy, and high in acid or overly salty
- Drink alcohol, carbonated, citrus or caffeine containing drinks
- Use mouthwashes containing alcohol and toothpaste containing sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS)