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If you suffer from dry skin, you know how important an effective moisturiser, shower gel or bath product can be. Dry skin needs moisture to avoid cracked, sore skin that may become irritated or inflamed. Keeping these symptoms at bay can reduce chance of eczema becoming infected or other skin problems such as a Dermatits flare-up.
Aveeno Skin Care's oatmeal formulations were first used on eczema patients at the Mayo Clinic in 1945. Since then, Aveeno has taken the best of nature to develop facial and body care products, proven to address a broad range of skin needs, from daily moisture to relief from dry, sensitive skin. Aveeno Skin Care products capture the benefits of ingredients found in nature such as colloidal oatmeal and shea butter, to create a skin care range that is effective and gentle enough to use on sensitive skin.
Aveeno offers a unique line-up of products, specially formulated with Naturally Active Ingredients - ingredients derived from nature which have been shown to help optimise skin's health and beauty. Aveeno Skin Care has unlocked the true potential of nature's skin-enhancing secrets, like Shea Butter and oatmeal, with processes that retain their full strength and purity.

Naturally active ingredients for naturally healthy skin

The Aveeno Daily Range of moisturisers and cleansers significantly improve the condition of dry skin in as little as just 2 weeks. These include Daily Moisturising Lotion (with lavender), Hand Cream, Body Wash and Moisturising Creamy Oil.

The Aveeno Skin Relief Range Intensely hydrates and soothes extra dry and irritable skin from day 1. This includes Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion with Shea Butter 200ml & 300ml. These light weight lotions are suitablr for use on all skin types, even baby skin.

The Aveeno Intensive Dry Skin Range helps to soothe and relieve dry skin prone to eczema. These include Aveeno Cream, lotion, oil and colloidal and are also suitable for use as a baby cream.

Aveeno Skin Care is so gentle and caring to the skin that it is suitable for the most sensitive of skin types and is even suitable for use as a baby cream on baby's delicate skin. Aveeno has captured the benefits of naturally active ingredients to create a range of skin care products specially designed to care for the needs of dry skin. Naturally active ingredients are those derived from nature and uniquely formulated by Aveeno to reveal skin's health and beauty.

To reveal your skin's true beauty, discover Aveeno Skin Care

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