Astral was first launched in 1950. This means Astral has over 50 years of heritage: during which time generations of ladies have experienced smooth, soft skin thanks to Astral’s wonderful formulation. Over this time the packaging has changed many times, but the cream is the same today as it was when it launched. We don’t change the formula as the loyal Astral consumers wouldn’t stand for it.


Astral is full of delicately balanced and nourishing ingredients which make it a perfect all-over moisturiser. It can be used everyday to keep your skin soft and supple, and can tackle even the driest skin on your elbows and feet. Versatile Astral can also be used as an after sun lotion and make-up remover. Astral locks in the skin's natural moisture whilst still allowing it to breathe, leaving skin fresh, hydrated and protected.  


Astral comes in three pot sizes;  50ml – The handbag pot, 200ml and 500ml.
Astral is dermatologically tested.

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