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4Head Headache Relief

 4Head Headache Relief products are designed to provide fast-acting relief to headaches and migraines. Check them out today!

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Relief from Tension Headaches

When you need relief from tension headaches, it's easy to reach for pills. But with 4head you don't have to 4head is a fast, effective alternative that you apply directly to your forehead, offering the relief you want from pills but in a completely different way.

What is 4head?

Unlike most headache treatments, 4head is specially designed to be applied directly to the forehead for effective headache relief without pills. It is presented in a convenient retractable stick dispenser. Using 4head also helps you to avoid the prospect of side effects that can be associated with painkillers taken orally such as the possibility of stomach irritation with aspirin. 4head contains a powerful natural painkiller, 100% levomenthol that can help block pain signals caused by tension headaches and relax the muscles in the head.

Feel the effects of this powerful painkillers within two minutes

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