Lose fat with fat: CLA & weight loss


It may seem a little confusing, but fatty acids are essential to our health, and this fatty acid, in particular, can help you to burn fat and lose weight. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) supplements have become increasingly popular ever since they entered the world of weight loss, thanks to their abilities in reducing body fat mass and improving the fat and muscle ratio. Science and research have recently explored CLA for weight loss and has found that this weight loss wonder does actually have substance.


How does CLA work?


CLA is related to omega-6 fatty acids, which is one of the 2 essential fatty acids that help the body to increase basal metabolic rates, meaning that it helps to convert food into energy more efficiently. When it comes to CLA for weight loss, it doesn't necessarily work to simply decrease body weight but instead works to balance the body's fat to muscle ratio.


It works by increasing insulin sensitivity, as this allows fatty acids and glucose to easily move toward muscle cells and away from fat cells. This results in an increase in total energy in muscle and fat tissue, which will reduce body fat and increase muscle. In other words, it can prevent a little fat cell from getting bigger. Not only that but when taken as a supplement it gets taken up into the body's fat cells where it helps to break down stored fat and release it into the bloodstream.


Who will benefit from taking CLA?


It is suggested that alongside a healthy diet and exercise regime, CLA's benefits will go well beyond a little weight loss, but it can also work to increase muscle strength and exercise endurance. This is why CLA has become such a popular choice with dieters and those looking to gain muscle, as it enhances the fat-burning effects of exercise while increasing lean muscle tissue. With increased endurance and muscle strength, you will also begin to gain more from your workouts.


We are recommended to consume around 3.4 grams of CLA every day, which means it is often difficult to get an adequate amount that will allow us to receive all of CLA's benefits. This is especially because the naturally occurring CLA in foods is associated with the fat, which instantly puts dieters off. Supplements are therefore the best way to gain a balanced and regular amount of CLA while eating healthily and exercising. All dieters can benefit from CLA supplements, especially those who may find it difficult to shift a significant amount of weight, those with low metabolism and those looking to gain muscle mass while losing fat.