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Andrews FAQs

How do I take Andrews Salts?

Andrews Salts should be mixed in with a glass of water to make a drink for the relief of stomach upsets.

For an upset stomach, indigestion and over-indulgence you should measure one level 5ml spoonful and mix in with a glass of water to drink and take up to 4 times a day.

For constipation measure 2 5ml spoonfuls in a glass of water and take before breakfast or bedtime.

Are Andrews Salts suitable for children with stomach upsets?

Andrews Salts are suitable for children over the age of 3 and are not recommended to be used by children younger than this age. Make sure that children use Andrews Salts under the supervision of an adult.

What type of antacid is Andrews Salts?

Andrews Salts are made up of magnesium carbonate (17.4%). As they contain magnesium, they are more likely to have a laxative effect, whereas aluminium containing antacids are more likely to produce a constipating effect.

Are there any side effects from taking antacids?

Most people can take antacids and not experience any side effects; however side effects can occur in a very small number of users. The most common side effects to be experienced include belching, diarrhoea or constipation.

Can I take Andrews Salts with other medication?

It is not advised to take any antacid alongside other medication as the ingredients could affect how well your other medication is absorbed. If you are taking other medication, you should consult your doctor before taking antacids.

Is there anyone who cannot take antacids?

A full list of those who should not be taking antacids will be included in your medication information leaflet. Please read this thoroughly beforehand to ensure you are able to take antacids.

How quickly do Andrews Salts take to relieve my symptoms?

If you're taking Andrews Salts after symptoms are experienced, they should get to work quickly to ease your symptoms. Otherwise, you can take them before symptoms are expected to avoid discomfort.

How often can I take Andrews Salts?

You can keep a tub of Andrews Salts to have on hand so that you can take them whenever you feel symptoms occurring. They should only be taken when symptoms are experienced or expected and should not be taken every day.