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5 Steps to Keep Blood Glucose Levels Normal

Follow these five simple steps to keep your blood glucose levels within the normal range or to reduce levels that are slightly higher than normal.

5 Steps to Keep Blood Glucose Levels Normal

All cells in the body rely heavily on glucose as its energy source for survival which is why the body uses built-in safeguards to regulate daily glucose levels so that they don't rise or fall to extremes. After starchy foods are digested the glucose circulates in the blood, waiting to be absorbed by the cells and burned as fuel. The pancreas produces the hormone insulin which is released into the blood whenever the glucose levels rise, allowing the cell receptors to start absorbing the glucose from the blood.

Some people develop problems with insulin production due to heredity or lifestyle choices that leads to increased sugar readings and put the person at risk for getting diabetes as well as heart disease and some types of cancers. By following these five simple steps for lifestyle changes you can keep your sugar levels within the normal range and avoid the health risks of diabetes or bring down levels in the high risk range in just a few weeks.

Weight Management

The largest sole contributing factor for causing Type 2 diabetes is obesity, which increases the risk factor up to seven-fold. A BMI that is over 25 is more at risk to contract type 2 diabetes, than those with a healthy weight, so simply losing excess weight could reduce the chance of you becoming diabetic by 50%.

Quit the Smokes

Smoking adversely affects our body's health, causing a greater risk for developing many illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes. If you quit the smokes your risk factor drops 50%.

Active Lifestyle

Exercising more often and with a higher intensity will help your muscles to burn more glucose and reduce the stress on insulin producing cells in your pancreas. A daily half hour brisk walk will yield a 30% fall in type 2 diabetes risk plus improve cardiovascular functioning and other health benefits.

Drinking Benefits

Researchers believe that alcohol, if consumed in small amounts, might help reduce the risk of heart diseases, and type 2 diabetes. This of course is not a reason to start drinking!

Diet Improvements

Bad food habits that can lead to diabetes includes drinking too many sugary drinks, eating high starch refined foods and trans fats. Read the product labels and switch to whole grains, seeds, nuts and liquid oils from vegetables to keep Type 2 Diabetes at bay.