Fireworks stress
I purchased Zylkène capsules from my veterinary surgeon because my Miniature Poodle is absolutely terrified of fireworks. The difference in her compared to last year is amazing. She no longer cowers in a corner trembling with fear and nor does she pant. She has even slept through the night, which never happened last year. I just wanted you to know how delighted I am with your product.
Mrs Sarah Whitham

Excessive barking
We have been using various behavioural medications for two Poodles which have separation-related stress and bark continuously when the owners are at work. The problem became so bad that a Noise Abatement Order was passed and the owner was considering re-homing the dogs. We put the dogs on Zylkène (one of our first cases since its launch at BSAVA) and within one week both dogs have stopped barking and are not receiving any other products, nor have they received any recent behavioural training as this had proved unsuccessful previously. The owners are delighted.
James Allsop MRCVS Field Veterinary Group Ltd

Stress-related cystitis
Jess, my two year old male cat, had a problem with a stressed bladder. He had several bouts, two of which seemed to coincide with being left overnight. Two episodes were so bad Jess had to stay at the vets. Our vet performed a thorough diagnostic investigation, and no medical problems were found. The inappropriate urination is due to stress. When Jess is stressed, he also becomes very withdrawn, unhappy and hides away. Jess was given Zylkène and after 10 days the change really was remarkable. He became very relaxed, confident, more affectionate and playful and became more sociable - especially with strangers. The inappropriate urination stopped. His body language also changed; his tail is up and he blinks at us constantly. The biggest test was leaving him overnight - he was absolutely fine, and our cat sitter almost thought she was looking after a different cat! My relatives and I honestly cannot believe the difference!
Leanne Cahill

House move

My 15 year old cat, Saffi, has a history of over-grooming and inappropriate urination in response to stress, so I was concerned how she would cope with moving house. I started her on Zylkène two days before the move – I dissolved it in a small amount of water and she loved it! Saffi was not at all unsettled by the move; she was eating, socialising and exploring her new home from the first day. I was very relieved, and am happy to recommend it to other cat owners.
Jo Mercado Dip AVN (Med) VN Oxford Cat Clinic

Nail clipping stress
Bonnie, a 13 year old 3 month rescue Border Collie, was so stressed and difficult to handle, clipping her nails was impossible! She was given Zylkène the day before and on the day of her appointment, and it made a huge difference. Her demeanour was generally more relaxed on arrival and we were able to handle her and clip her nails. Her owner and I were very impressed; she will definitely not be visiting again without the benefit of Zylkène.
Kelda Guzman BVetMed MRCVS, Goring Veterinary Centre

Cat with overgrooming
My cat Cookie had been seen by a dermatologist for hair loss to her belly – no medical cause was found despite lots of tests and the problem was thought to be stress-related, perhaps as she was an indoor cat. I started giving the Zylkène in her food and she ate it very easily. Slowly the fur started growing back and after about three months we were able to stop giving Zylkène. The problem recently returned when I moved house. I have started to give Cookie Zylkène again and will continue until her fur has grown back and she is settled in her new surroundings.
Susannah Gahan