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Why Exercise at Home?
The gym is always open.
Exercising at home can be very time efficient and effective. Setting up a training area at home means that you can exercise at the time of day or night that best suits your schedule and your body clock.
"Too busy" will never be a genuine excuse again!
The greatest advantage of exercising at home is that a 30 minute workout is a 30 minute workout, from start to finish, without the additional time and hassle that goes along with exercising at a public facility.
If organisation, travel, parking and waiting for machines in the gym takes longer than the workout itself, there will soon come a realisation that the overall investment in time has become greater than your busy schedule allows.
This often brings about an inevitable (and less than ideal) solution to the time problem…you stop exercising.
Whether you are a career person or a stay at home parent, we are all busy with our respective daily activities, and if an exercise routine does not easily fit in around your commitments, then it won’t be done. After all, you are aiming at increasing your quality of life, not adding more stress.
As the pace of our lifestyles continues to increase, so too has the number of people looking at purchasing good quality home equipment.
Additional Tip – If a reduction in body fat levels is your primary goal, the best time of day to perform your fat burning training is first thing in the morning, before breakfast. The reason for this is that after a good night sleep, the first fuel source your body will utilise to complete the task is stored fat, as your body has not had a load up of fast burning fuel since the previous evenings meal.