Xylocaine 10mg Anaesthetic Spray

Xylocaine 10mg Anaesthetic Spray

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Xylocaine 10mg Anaesthetic Spray is a topical, local anaesthetic, metered pump spray to help numb a part of your body to relieve pain or discomfort.

Xylocaine 10mg Anaesthetic Spray contains an active ingredient called Lidocaine which is a local anaesthetic used to numb chosen areas - to relieve pain or discomfort. It can be used to numb your mouth during dental treatments and for other medical examinations and operations.

The pain relief starts to take effect after 1-5 minutes of using the spray.

Xylocaine 10mg Anaesthetic Spray -  Always use Xylocaine Spray exactly as your doctor or dentist has told you. You should check with them if you are not sure.

  • Do not use more than 20 sprays.
  • You should use as few sprays as possible.
  • The effects should start to take effect in 1-5 minutes
  • Do not get the spray in your eyes.
  • Xylocaine Spray should be used with care in the elderly, in people who are in poor general health and in children.

Xylocaine 10mg Anaesthetic Spray - You must not use Xylocaine Spray if:

  • You are allergic (hypersensitive) to lidocaine or any of the other ingredients of Xylocaine Spray
  • You are allergic to any other local anaesthetics of the same class (such as prilocaine or bupivacaine)

Check with your doctor or dentist before having Xylocaine Spray if:

  • You have any cuts, sores or ulcers in your throat, mouth or nose.
  • You have a chest infection.
  • You have epilepsy.
  • You have heart problems such as a slow heart beat.
  • You have very low blood pressure.
  • You have liver or kidney problems.
  • You have ever been told that you have a rare disease of the blood pigment called ‘porphyria’ or anyone in your family has it.

If you are not sure if any of the above apply to you, talk to your doctor before having Xylocaine Spray.

Xylocaine 10mg Anaesthetic Spray - The active ingredient is lidocaine. Each dose of spray contains 10 mg of lidocaine.

The other ingredients are ethanol, levomenthol, macrogol 400, essence of banana (contains propylene glycol), saccharin and purified water.

Xylocaine 10mg Anaesthetic Spray
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Works instantly and VERY well. You dont need much ! ( to be honest I missed (my aim is poor ) and I numbed my lips and had a bit of a dribbler for a while ) lolWell worth it. Fantastic product. Does exactly what it says on the tin.

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