Want To Quit Smoking? Learn About The Benefits


There are plenty of Quit Smoking Benefits if you are looking to kick the habit. Your health is greatly improved, your skin is more youthful, you have more energy, and you are happier and more satisfied with life. There are just a few reasons to kick the habit. Continue reading for more Quit Smoking Benefits.


If you've tried quitting and have gone back to smoking, you're not alone. In fact most people who successfully quit will have tried, and failed, several times. But please don't give up on giving up; if you're committed to quitting, you can do it! Everybody has their own personal reason for wanting to give up smoking. Some people give up as part of a larger lifestyle change - to feel more healthy, for example. What are yours?


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Health Benefits

It’s never too late to stop smoking. As well as reducing your risk of smoking-related illnesses, the health benefits start from the moment you stub out that last cigarette.

It is caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV) and is carried in blood and other bodily fluids such as saliva, urine and semen.

One in three people worldwide has been infected with the hepatitis B virus and more than 350 million are chronic hepatitis B carriers. It is the leading cause of liver cancer and the World Health Organisation estimates that hepatitis B leads to more than a million deaths worldwide every year.


Time after stopping smoking:
  • 20 minutes: Your blood pressure and pulse should return to normal.
  • 8 hours: Carbon monoxide levels in the blood are halved and oxygen levels in the blood return to normal.
  • 24 hours: Carbon monoxide levels in the blood return to normal and your lungs start to clear out the build-up of tar.
  • 48 hours: Taste and smell are greatly improved.
  • 72 hours: Breathing becomes easier, bronchial tubes relax and energy levels increase.
  • 2 - 12 weeks: Circulation improves, making walking and running a lot easier.
  • 3 - 9 months: Coughs, wheezing and breathing problems improve. The lungs have room for up to 10% more oxygen.
  • 1 year: The risk of heart attack falls to about half that of a smoker.
  • 10 years: Risk of lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker.
Financial benefits

Stopping smoking isn't just about losing something - it's about gaining a lot! A packet of 20 cigarettes costs around £5.80 at the moment, so quitting will give a 20-a-day smoker an extra £40.60 a week. The benefits of stopping smoking soon start adding up ...

  • One day £5.80 - a movie rental or a few magazines
  • One week £40.60 - a cheap flight abroad or a few CDs
  • One month £176.00 - a shopping spree or the monthly food bill
  • Three months £528.00 - two weeks in the sun or a new computer
  • Six months £1056.00 - a family holiday or some new furniture
  • One year £2111.00 - a second-hand car or the start of a deposit for a house

And don't forget you'll also save money in other ways. Life, fire and car insurance can all be cheaper when you quit.

Here is an overall picture of what you could be saving:


No of cigarettes a day 5 10 20 40 Daily Cost £1.45 £2.90 £5.80 £11.60 Weekly Cost £10.15 £20.30 £40.60 £81.20 Monthly Cost £44 £88 £176 £352 Yearly Cost £528 £1055 £2111 £4222

These figures are calculated on an average packet of 20 cigarettes costing £5.80. If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day, you will be spending £54.75 more in 2010 than you would have a year ago.


Other Benefits

By quitting you’ll have a healthier lifestyle and your purse or wallet will also thank you. But there are loads of other pluses too

  • Better looking skin, eyes and hair: Within days of stopping smoking your hair won’t smell of stale smoke, your eyes will be less red and sore and your skin will be looking brighter as your circulation improves.
  • Look younger for longer: Quitting smoking can help you avoid premature ageing.
  • Improved fitness: Your energy levels will soon soar when you quit smoking, making it easier to run for the bus or play sports with your friends.
  • A better sense of taste and smell: Rediscover the taste of your favourite foods as your taste buds kick in.
  • More time: It takes about ten minutes to smoke a cigarette, so a ten-a-day smoker can save nearly two hours a day when they quit. Over the course of a year, you can claim back a month of lost time!
  • Improve self confidence: Many smokers are shocked to find how quickly they get hooked on smoking. Stopping is real achievement and can give you a real boost in confidence and self-esteem.
  • Whiter teeth: No matter how often you visit the dentist, you’ll find it impossible to maintain white teeth if you smoke.