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Valentine's Day Inspiration

With Valentine's Day just around the corner you may be frantically trying to think of the perfect give but help is at hand because we've pulled together an essential list to inspire you this February:

  • Need a last minute gift?

    Nothing is better, when it comes to Valentine's gifts, than the personal touch. A handmade coupon book is a great way to give your loved one something really personal which can be created quickly because all you need is some paper/card and a pen. Some examples could be ?I will make you dinner? or ?I owe you 1 massage? Click here for a template.

  • Date night in a box!

    Do you ever struggle to find something to do when planning a night out? Well, here's a nifty idea for you; create a box and fill it with exciting suggestions for things to go out and do together. You can personalise it to your loved one and what they enjoy! You can find some suggestions to get you going for some things to put in the box here, here and here but make it as much about you and your partner's interests as possible!

  • Get baking!

    Chocolate is always a winner and has even been tooted as an aphrodisiac. Check out some great recipes here with which to impress your other half. If chocolate isn't your thing then fear not though, there's a great selection of sweet and savoury recipes for the big day which can be found here.

  • Getting a bottle of something special in?

    Then take it to the next level and add the WOW factor with some PVA and glitter. Minimal effort, maximum effect. Full instructions here (make sure to do it on newspaper or outside else there will be glitter EVERYWHERE).

  • Put together a pamper hamper.

    Take a look in our luxury bath range with bath oils and soaps specifically to indulge the senses. If our fragrance gift sets aren't exactly what you're looking for, why don't you select your favourite things from our site,team them up with things like a loofah, flannel, nail polish & toe separators, candles, a massage roller and an eye mask and make a personalised pamper hamper for your special someone.

  • Don't take life so seriously and opt for a puny card!

    BuzzFeed have compiled a list of some great ones for you to get inspiration from.

  • Leave messages on post-it notes lying around the house.

    You could also do it with pieces of paper left in books, in newspapers and dotted around the house or even write messages on bathroom mirrors (and other surfaces it's easy to wipe off after) to let your loved one know what they mean to you or listing your favourite things about them.

  • Need inspiration for things to do on the big day that aren't cliché

    (and also won't cost you the earth to do)? Restaurants always hike up their prices on Valentine's Day so maybe think about going the day before or just after to save money. Or if you've got your heart set on doing it on the day itself, think about going just for dessert; you get the ambiance of a nice restaurant without the high cost.

  • Restaurants and bars too packed for your liking?

    Why not go for a nice walk. We know it's cold out at the moment but as long as you're wrapped up warm it can be really pleasant, you buy a hot drink to take with you or even take hot drinks or soup in flasks to a local park or beauty spot. You can find nice places to go on the National Trust website or even walks using the Ramblers walk finder.

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