Trying to lose weight? Here are some quick tips to help you shed those extra pounds?.

Don't miss breakfast!

A lot of people miss breakfast and think that by doing so they are cutting calories but it's a must if you are looking to lose weight. Studies have shown that those who skip breakfast make up for it during the day and usually turn to fatty unhealthy foods. Breakfast also jump starts our metabolisms to help us burn that unwanted extra fat. Fruit, natural yogurt and oatmeal are great breakfast foods and are good for you too.

Cut out low fat foods

A lot of us think the food we are eating is healthy especially foods which state low fat or slimming on the label. These foods can contain unhealthy ingredients which a lot of us don't know about including sugar, flour, and thickeners which can be detrimental to your waistline. A lot of people also believe because it low fat you can eat more too which can lead to weight gain. Avoid low fat foods and choose natural and healthy food choices instead.

  • Instead of low fat yogurt ? Choose natural Greek yoghurt
  • Instead of low fat cheese ? Eat your favourite full fat in moderation
  • Instead of low fat salad dressings ? Swap for olive oil/lemon juice or balsamic vinegar
  • Instead of low fat mayonnaise ? Buy mayonnaise with olive oil or make your own
  • Instead of low fat ready meals ? Make meals with fresh ingredients and then freeze

Run for 20 minutes a day

Running every day will not only keep you fit but will give you a great boost of energy. If you start to feel lethargic around lunchtime at your desk throw on your running gear and go for a refreshing 20 minute jog. Running is one of the most vigorous exercises making it a highly efficient way to burn calories and lose those extra pounds.  A 20 minute run at an average of 6 miles per hour can burn up to 180 calories.

Try a new exercise class

There are so many exercise classes out there to choose from you're sure to find one that tickles your fancy and also one that you can enjoy. From Zumba, a Latin inspired and very lively dancing class, to yoga, a spiritual and physical exercise there are many to choose from and 60 minute classes can burn a substantial amount of calories. If you enjoy it too you're more likely to keep it up so try out a few and pick your favourite.

Remember your daily intake

Many foods in the supermarket now feature a GDA label to show you exactly what you are eating. There are also daily guidelines to make sure you are not eating more than you should which can lead to weight gain.

Guideline Daily Amount Values:




2,000 kcal   

2,500 kcal


45 g

55 g


230 g



90 g

120 g


70 g

95 g


20 g

30 g


24 g

24 g