Sylk FAQ’s

Why should I use Sylk natural lubricant?

Sylk is highly effective at relieving atrophic vaginitis. A new generation, high performance lubricant, Sylk is made with all natural ingredients and is really easy to use. Unlike standard lubricants, Sylk contains no nasty chemicals or hormones and has a PH the same as skin - so you can be confident it will be gentle and kind. Sylk is suitable for use with condoms and tampons.

Sylk provides dual action moisturisation and lubrication so can be used for both everyday comfort and lovemaking. Sylk works by sensitively moisturising and lubricating sensitive tissues. Because of its' unique formulation, Sylk feels as close to 'natural lubrication' as is possible. Sylk is the lubricant brand of choice for gynaecologists, consultants, GP's and nurses throughout the NHS as well as Relate and Macmillan. Sylk is the only paraben-free lubricant available on NHS prescription. Millions of people world-wide use Sylk.

I do not enjoy sex as it is very painful as my vagina is always dry, will Sylk help?

Vaginal dryness is a really common problem and every woman can experience it at some point in their life. Often all that's needed is a little bit of good quality lubricant. Sylk creates the feeling of natural lubrication and will make sex more comfortable and enjoyable. In fact, it feels so good that it actually helps stimulate your body to produce more. Simply apply a few drops to the entrance or inside the vagina prior to having sex. You may need to use trial and error to determine the amount suitable for you.

Sylk is both a lubricant and a moisturiser so can be used on a daily basis if your vagina is always dry. Simply apply a few drops every day. Sylk is tasteless and odourless and contains all natural ingredients so is fine for oral sex as well. It is also safe to use with condoms. It may help to start applying a few drops every day so that you feel more comfortable and confident when you have sex.

As well as suffering from vaginal dryness, I also suffer with low libido. Will Sylk help?

Many women notice a drop in libido and vaginal dryness with the menopause. It is the drop in oestrogen that causes it. Sylk is a natural lubricant that is highly effective at treating vaginal dryness. It can be used both as a moisturiser every day as well as a lubricant for lovemaking. Hopefully if you feel more comfortable and confident, this may help to put you in the mood & boost your libido.

Other things you could try include working out what makes you feel better about yourself and how you can have a better relationship with your partner. Exercise, reduction in caffeine and alcohol can help you feel better and will increase libido.

I've recently come off HRT and also have started taking Arimidex as I've had breast cancer. This has all left me very Sylk safe for me to use?

Yes. Sylk is made with natural ingredients and is free from chemicals, hormones and parabens (preservative linked to breast cancer). You can use Sylk every day as well as before sex. Just apply a couple of drops with your fingers to the entrance and inside your vagina.

Can Sylk be used for oral and anal sex?

Sylk is absolutely fine for oral and anal sex. It is made from natural ingredients and mimics a womans natural secretions. It is tasteless, colourless, odourless and non greasy so should feel quite natural.

Can Sylk be used with oestrogen creams or tablets?

Yes. Sylk is absolutely fine to use with oestrogen creams or tablets. As Sylk is a natural substance with only natural ingredients it will not interact with anything.

What is Sylk made from?

Sylk is a water-soluble lubricant made using an extract of the kiwi fruit vine and contains no synthetic compounds. It is a smooth silky fluid that is odourless, greaseless, stainless and non-sticky. Sylk is safe to use with condoms and tampons. It is a natural substance free from chemicals, parabens and hormones. Sylk is free of flavours, colours and sugars - all of which can cause allergies. Sylk ingredients include purified water, citrus seed extract (preservative), Xanthan plant extract, vegetable gylcerine, citric acid, potassium sorbate and sodium citrate. Sylk conforms to BP standards.

Doesn't the Kiwifruit contain sugar?

Sylk is made from an extract of the vine not the fruit. Therefore there is no sugar in Sylk.

I'm concerned that I may have a reaction to one of the ingredients in Sylk?

As Sylk is a natural substance free from flavours, colours and sugars it is very unlikely that you will have an averse reaction to it. Sylk has passed all product sensitisation, stability, genetic, toxicological and compatability tests and conforms to BP standards. However, if you have any concerns about Sylk natural lubricant, always seek the advice of your medical professional before using.

What are parabens?

Parabens are a group of chemicals used for preserving products. These are commonly found in cosmetics, shampoos, skin creams and lubricants (although not in Sylk natural lubricant). Some scientists believe that parabens can be absorbed and the body mistakes them for oestrogen. This can be dangerous for some people with cancer.

How do I use Sylk?

Sylk is very simple and easy to use. Just prior to intercourse put a small amount on to your finger tip and apply this to the entrance to your vagina. It would be even more effective if you pushed a little inside. You could also apply some to your partners' penis, which would then lubricate you entirely.

How much Sylk do I use?

Everyone's needs are different, so use trial and error to determine the exact quantity. Usually 2-3 drops is sufficient. With Sylk a little goes a long way. However, it is perfectly safe to use the whole bottle in one night if you wish. There are approximately 75-150 uses per 40g bottle.

Is Sylk safe to use with condoms and tampons?

Yes. Absolutely. Sylk has been subject to thorough product testing and has passed all condom compatability testing. Sylk is a water based lubricant made with natural ingredients with no chemicals whatsoever so it is perfectly safe to use with tampons, condoms and sex toys. In fact, the unique feel of Sylk enhances sensitivity which is especially good when using condoms. As latex sensitivity can be increased with friction, extra lubricant should always be used with condoms - we would recommend that you put a drop inside the tip of the condom and then massage plenty on the outside.

How will it feel for my Partner?

Sylk natural lubricant feels just like your own lubrication and as it feels so good, actually helps stimulate your body to produce more. Your partner may not even know you're using it, unless you tell him. Because of the exciting feel, Sylk can actually enhance a man's erection and experience.

What is the ph of Sylk?

Sylk has a ph balance of 4.5 - 4.7, similar to the normal vaginal environment i.e. slightly acidic. This is deliberate to keep the vagina healthy.

Is Sylk safe to use if you're trying for a baby?

You should not use any lubricant including Sylk if you are trying to conceive. The ph balance of Sylk (like most other lubricants) can affect the movement of sperm. When ovulation occurs, the ph balance in the vagina changes to around 7 which is a neutral ph state when pregnancy can occur.

Is Sylk okay to use if you're pregnant?

Yes, as Sylk is a natural substance it is perfectly safe to use when you're pregnant. With no nasty chemicals, hormones or parabens you don't have to worry about your baby absorbing anything that could potentially be harmful.

Does SYLK contain any hormones such as gestrogen or oestrogen like molecules?

No. SYLK is a natural plant based lubricant free from any hormones, parabens or chemicals.

Can I apply SYLK before I have a smear test?

We would recommend you ask your nurse or doctor beforehand whether you can bring a bottle of SYLK with you for them to apply.