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Surolan Ear Drops and Cutaneous Suspension

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Surolan Ear Drops and Cutaneous Suspension are used for the topical treatment of otitis externa and skin infections in cats and dogs, caused by fungi, yeasts, bacteria and ear mites. Surolan also has anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic activity.

Surolan Ear Drops and Cutaneous Suspension are formulated for the treatment of otitis externa which is a skin infections caused by Gram-positive bacteria; these special drops are easy to use and contains anti-inflammatory and anti-pruritic properties, meaning they can provide your pet with instant relief and help to relieve their unpleasant and irritating symptoms. 

Surolan Ear Drops and Cutaneous Suspension: This product is for topical administration. Shake the bottle well before use. At the beginning of treatment, hair surrounding or covering the lesions must be clipped; this should be repeated during treatment if necessary.


  • Clean the auditory canal and place a few drops of the product into the ear twice daily. For infections caused by Otodectes cynotis, instill five drops twice daily for 14 days. Massage the ear and the auditory canal gently but thoroughly to obtain optimum distribution.


  • Having ensured the area to be treated is clean, apply a few drops of the product (depending on lesion size) twice a day and rub well.
  • Treatment should be continued until a few days after complete disappearance of the clinical symptoms. In some obstinate cases, 2 to 3 weeks treatment may be necessary.
  • Where ear mite infestation is present, consideration should be given to treating both ears even if infestation is only apparent in one ear.

Surolan Ear Drops and Cutaneous Suspension:

  • Do not use in animals with perforated ear drums since polymixin B is known to be a potential ototoxic agent.
  • Long term use of topical steroids may cause skin thinning and delay wound healing. Corticosteroids are not recommended for use in pregnant animals.
  • As Surolan is a prescription only medicine, treatment should be closely supervised by a veterinary practitioner. Due to likely variability (time, geographical) in the occurrence of resistance of bacteria for Polymyxin B, bacteriological sampling and susceptibility testing are recommended.
  • For external use only.
  • Overdose
  • No toxic side effects have been observed after accidental intake by licking.

Surolan Ear Drops and Cutaneous Suspension : Active ingredients per ml: miconazole nitrate 23 mg, prednisolone acetate 5 mg, polymyxin B sulfate 0.5293 mg.

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