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Skincare Products 101

Skincare Products 101

Your skin is a complicated part of your body. It is often exposed to the elements from UV rays to pollution and makes contact with different materials every day. Therefore, caring for your skin is extremely important, no matter your age.

Unfortunately, with skincare regimes ever-growing and discoveries being made of what we should and shouldn’t be using, brands are constantly releasing new products. Which means there are a lot of products out there and it can be difficult to select what will work for you and to understand what benefits they give.

In this Chemist Direct article, we go through the basic products and techniques to look after your skin.

Facial Cleansers

What are Facial Cleansers?

A Facial Cleanser is a type of skincare product that works to get bacteria, dirt and other substances off your skin. It is the cornerstone of any skincare regime with most dermatologists agreeing that two cleanses a day, once in the morning and once in the evening is a must.

However, and this is what makes things a little bit complicated, there are different types of cleansers that perform different roles for your face. 

A common mistake people make is that they assume they can use the same product for both your morning and evening cleansing. However, a morning cleanser and an evening cleanser play different roles in caring for your skin.

Also, there are cleansers that are designed for specific roles. For example, you can get facial cleansers like La Roche-Posay Toleriane Cleanser that are designed to remove makeup.



What is an Exfoliator?

Exfoliating once you have cleansed allows a fresh layer of skin cells to emerge. It does this by unclogging pores, allowing the release of natural skin oils and allows for better absorption of moisturisers and similar skin care products.

A good exfoliator can also help fade age spots and makes fine lines or wrinkles less visible. A popular example is Garnier's Pure Active Intensive Blackhead Exfoliating Scrub. Made with bacterial salicylic acid and powerful microbeads, this exfoliator scrubs clear spots and blackheads while also fading imperfections. 

This is done by applying the product, normally a cream or gel, and scrubbing into the area before rinsing. However, if you have sensitive skin, an exfoliating mask would work better instead. It is normally advised to exfoliate your skin once or twice a week as it helps revive your skin and an important part of any skincare regime.


What are Moisturiers?

A moisturiser helps keep your skin protected and looking healthy, and is a product that you should use daily from head to toe.

Moisturisers come in different shapes and sizes, benefiting your skin in different ways as well as designed for different parts of the body. When selecting a facial moisturiser, it is key to have a good amount of UV protection in it no matter the season. 


For example, an occlusive moisturiser is designed with ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter to lock in moisture. 

However, on the other hand, an emollient moisturiser works to give you soft, smooth skin by filling in the cracks. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Moisturiser is a popular example of an emollient moisturiser.  A versatile skin product, it can be used all over the body and face and works to combat rough dry skin. 

At Chemist Direct, we work with leading and emerging skincare brands from across the globe to provide our customers with the very best for their skin. Check out our extensive collection of skincare products today.