Why men lose their hair


Why You Lose Your Hair


Hair loss is in our genes


If you are suffering with male hair loss then Revivogen can help you, too. This unique, revolutionary hair loss product has been formulated by an expert dermatologist, who himself suffered hair loss, to target the root cause: a hormone by-product called DHT which arises within the hair follicles.


DHT can quickly cause thinning hair to progress to irreversible baldness as the hair follicles eventually atrophy, die and stop growing altogether.


It's for this reason that it is never too soon to start a hair loss treatment as the longer you leave it, the less chance of you have of reversing your hair loss situation.







  1. Testosterone-the precursor to DHT-enters the hair follicle cell through special gateways called androgen receptors.














  1. Once inside the cell, Testosterone is converted to DHT by the enzyme 5AR.














  1. DHT enters the nucleus of the cell, activates the hair loss genes and shuts down normal hair production.











  1. As hair production slows, the hair follicles begin to atrophy and produce finer and thinner hairs until the follicles die and stop producing hair completely.