How does Regaine help men with hair loss?

Hair loss is something that most men face. While some have long and lustrous locks it's a constant struggle for others due to hereditary problem or hormone imbalance.

We lose hair because...

The most common cause of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia (AGA), also known as male pattern baldness. Almost 95% of all hair loss problems are because of androgenetic alopecia. An individual's age, hormones, and hereditary genes all play a part in this.

AGA is usually triggered by a combination of hormonal activity and hereditary, which cause the hair follicles on your head to shrink. As time goes by and the follicles shrink the growth cycle of the hair shortens. The hair then becomes thinner and shorter. Soon the growth stops completely leading to baldness.

So how will Regaine help me?

Regaine contains active ingredient Minoxidil that have been clinically proven to prevent further hair loss in around 80% cases of the individuals who use it. When Minoxidil is absorbed into the scalp it enhances the blood supply to hair follicles and attracts extra nutrients that help keep the hair follicles strong. It also enlarges the hair follicle and reverses the miniaturization process, thus promoting longer and thicker hair and lengthening the hair cycle. Since Minoxidil causes more follicles to go through the growth phase at the same time, the scalp gets more coverage.

Minoxidil contained in Regaine products is not an anti-androgen and does not cause an imbalance of hormone production in the body. There are no side effects and it is available without prescription. Keep in mind, though, that Regaine products must be used on a continual basis if you want to see results. Should you stop using Regaine products midway you may start to notice male-pattern baldness recurring as early as three months after you stop using Regaine.

What to expect...

During the first few weeks of using Regaine treatments there may be temporary hair fall. Don't worry if this happens. It is a good sign and only means that the old hair must fall so that the new and healthier hair can take its place. However, early hair growth can be noticeable more quickly for some than for others because the effects of Regaine take effect at different times for each person.

Hair that first grows may seem soft and downy, maybe even hardly visible, but after some time it will grow out to the same thickness and colour as the rest of your hair. Remember that success in growing hair takes time.

Regaine has been helping men control hair loss since 1988.If you're annoyed with hair loss, it's worth a go.