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Our Values
At Chemist Direct, we are committed towards being a responsible company, ensuring our operations are both environmentally and socially sustainable. This means taking into account the needs of our customers and our staff. We are totally committed to providing customers with 100% satisfaction and will always strive to achieve this.
With the introduction of our Natural & Organic section to our site, it is only right that we let our customers know how we as a company are ensuring we do our part to help the environment.
Sustainable Retailing is the way forward. Companies today are doing whatever they can to help alleviate the pressure put upon the environment & Chemist Direct is no exception. We have always, and will continue to do so through Enviva Ltd, recycle every cardboard box that comes through the doors of our warehouse.
We are however, working towards working with suppliers who only deliver in re-usable totes instead of cardboard boxes.
All the boxes which your order arrives to you in are made from 100% recycled material – so you can rest assured that no extra trees were cut down to get your order to you.
Thanks to the feedback we receive from customers concerning the size of the box your order was sent in (whether it be too big or too small) we have now use 5 different sized boxes to ensure there is less waste packaging on our part, but your order is still delivered to you with the same care.
You may have also noticed that we’ve now introduced biodegradable ‘corn chips’ as additional packing material instead of polystyrene, as they have less impact upon the environment.