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Optifast FAQ's

Find out more about the Optifast Range.


What is Optifast?

Optifast® is a range of shakes, soups and bars designed to support medically supervised weight loss. You can choose from chocolate, strawberry, coffee or vanilla flavour shakes, vegetable flavour soup, and chocolate or berry flavour meal bars. When on a total diet replacement programme, you can choose four products each day from the Optifast range. This can include a maximum of one meal bar per day if desired. This plan will provide all the vitamins and minerals you require for the day, while allowing you to limit your daily energy intake to around 850 calories.

Should I take a vitamin and mineral supplement in conjunction with Optifast?

We recommend you speak with your GP or pharmacist about this. When used as a total diet replacement, Optifast products provide adequate amounts of all essential nutrients for the day, and we therefore don't usually recommend that people take extra supplements.

I take a nutritional supplement, is this OK?

If you are taking prescribed supplements you should check with your GP about how appropriate they are whilst taking Optifast. Taking four Optifast ® products each day provides sufficient vitamins and minerals, therefore we do not usually advise taking additional supplements.

What allergens are present in Optifast?

We always recommend you check the label of the product for this information. All major allergens are underlined in the ingredients list.

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