Nicocig Rechargeable Starter Kit

Nicocig Rechargeable Starter Kit

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Nicocig Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit delivers a realistic smoke-like nicotine vapour to the user upon inhalation and simulates the experience of smoking to help stop cigarette cravings.


Nicolites Rechargeable Starter Kit:

The Nicolites electronic cigarette provides smokers with a cleaner and safer 'hit' of nicotine without most of the deadly side effects of tobacco smoke. It has the remarkable ability to simulate the entire smoking experience authentically, including satisfying the strong cravings most smokers experience. Nicolites satisfies those cravings in a unique and efficient way by delivering a measured dose of purified nicotine when the smoker inhales. When the smoker exhales, only an odourless, harmless water vapour is emitted. The result? Users can 'vape' anywhere in a socially acceptable way.

Upon inhalation, liquid nicotine held in the nicotine cartomiser is drawn into the atomisation chamber. This is powered by the battery, and heats up or atomises the liquid, resulting in the user drawing nicotine vapour into their lungs. The nicotine is therefore delivered to the body through the lungs in much the same way in which an ordinary cigarette delivers it.

A harmless vapour is exhaled, which is merely a mixture of water vapour and excess nicotine vapour. Unlike ordinary cigarettes it is odourless and does not linger, yet gives users that real smoking sensation. There is no risk of passive smoking through using Nicolites Electronic Cigarettes.

When users inhale, the operating indicator at the end of the Nicolites Cigarette lights up, very similar to an ordinary cigarette. The smart chip ensures that users do not inhale too much nicotine at once, by in-built safety limits, and informs the user when the battery needs to be charged, by causing the operating indicator to flash.

What do I get in The Rechargeable Starter Kit?

  • Nicolites Rechargeable Battery
  • A USB charger
  • One high tobacco cartomiser (16mg)
  • One medium tobacco cartomiser (11mg)

This is a one off purchase, and only replacement cartomisers need to be brought after this.

Nicotine product only for over 18s.

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use.

E Cigarette Glossary


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Nicocig Rechargeable Starter Kit
5.00 stars

Great Starter Kit

Only thing that has worked for me.

2 out of 2 people found this useful. Yes No Report abuse
Nicocig Rechargeable Starter Kit
 rated Nicocig Rechargeable Starter Kit as:
4.00 stars

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Nicocig Rechargeable Starter Kit
1.00 stars

Rechargeable battery

Why can't purchase the battery without having to have adapter and cartomisers? I have an excessive number of adapters that are not needed. What a waste

1 out of 1 people found this useful. Yes No Report abuse
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