New Year Tips & Advice


As the New Year has arrived, Chemist Direct health experts have prepared some easy to follow, user friendly New Year Tips & Advice on Nutrition, Quitting Smoking, Reducing Stress & Detoxing, to help you get your New Year off to the best start. As a new year begins, health is usually at the forefront of people’s minds – concerned about their weight, stress levels or conditions relating to smoking, which is why Chemist Direct Health Experts have collated this section of up to date, accurate data for you to refer to, so you can gain advice on your chosen specific subject and discover any products that may help you along your journey for a new you in 2012.



Detox your life, body & mind


Now that the festive season is over & over-indulgence effects have set in, there are loads of us out there who will feel spurred on by the optimism of the new year to detox our lives. We want to say goodbye to the old, tired, grumpy, negative selves and say hello to the new detoxed, vibrant, energetic, focused and cheery new us. And it is easy to see why so many of us opt in for a detox in the new year.


Detox isn't only about drinking green tea, and taking herbal remedies, although it is a lot about that! its also about making a conscious, positive decision to make attitude and lifestyle changes, and embrace a fresher, rejuvenated you.


At Chemist Direct we recognise peoples New Year's desire to detox, and detox HARD!!! So we have lots of things to help you become detoxed a lot more enjoyably and easily.


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Reducing Stress in your life


Stress is a normal reaction to the everyday challenges in life. It evolved over thousands of years to help us respond to danger. It is not all bad – stress helps to keep us alert and helps with our performance. However, stress starts to have a negative effect when it becomes too intense and when we do not know how to deal with it.


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Want to quit smoking?


If you've tried quitting and have gone back to smoking, you're not alone. In fact most people who successfully quit will have tried, and failed, several times. But please don't give up on giving up; if you're committed to quitting, you can do it! Everybody has their own personal reason for wanting to give up smoking. Click here to learn more on:




Losing Weight – A New Year’s Resolution


Looking in the mirror and getting on the weighing scales will no doubt reveal the most obvious symptoms of being overweight. Even without these, being slightly overweight can affect the way you feel and the things that you do. You may feel more lethargic than usual and may find that your day to day activities make you more breathless and more tired than they used to do. You may have difficulty sleeping and you will have a tendency to snore when asleep. If you are severely overweight there will be an increased likelihood of health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, back pain and arthritis. Many of these diseases develop over a long time, and you may not realise that you have a health problem until it is well advanced.

It is therefore no surprise that losing weight exists as one of the most common New Year resolutions, which is why there are so many supplements out there to help cope with demand including AcaiMax, Alli, BioBIND, BioCARB, BioAPP, BioBURNSlimfast & Adios to name a few.

It may be one of the most common resolutions, but it is also still one of the hardest to do, as it usually requires a huge change to ones lifestyle which not everyone finds easy to maintain. And why is it so common? Click here to learn more about: