Our bodies need more minerals than you would think. We need substances like copper and nickel - often only in tiny amounts - to helps us stay healthy. A multi mineral supplement is a good way of ensuring your body gets what it needs.

Multi Minerals

We all know that we need vitamins to stay healthy but minerals are just as important. What's more, we don't just need the obvious ones such as iron and calcium but also some surprising substances including copper, nickel and silicon. Taking a multi mineral supplement is a good way of getting the right amount of each.

Where do I find multi minerals?

There are all kinds of minerals in our bodies most of which we get from the food we eat. A multi mineral supplement is a convenient way of making sure you get all your mineral needs covered.

You can also find some minerals in multi vitamins (check the label for any additions - for example: ?multivitamin with iron' or ?with minerals'), as many full spectrum supplements include a combo of minerals and vitamins.

Why do I need multi minerals?

Our bodies need all sorts of minerals to keep healthy. You can read in detail why we need key minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium and selenium, but we also need a whole raft of other substances including: chromium, copper, nickel and phosphorus to name but a few. Chromium for example, is thought to play a role in insulin use, copper helps us produce blood cells, nickel influences how much iron our bodies absorb from food, while phosphorus is important for strong bones and teeth.

How will I know if I am lacking in multi minerals?

The signs that you are lacking key minerals can vary - typical problems might include fatigue, weak nails or bad skin. The symptoms will really depend on the minerals that are in short supply.

It's probably worth examining your diet and lifestyle to see where you might be deficient. If you are able to pinpoint the problem you may decide that specific supplements will do the trick. For example, if you are lacking in energy and feeling breathless your health provider may test to see if you are deficient in iron. However, if you feel you require an all-round boost then multi minerals may fit the bill.

Can multi minerals ever be harmful?

Many minerals are 'trace elements' which means the body only needs very small amounts of each. Too much of any one mineral can cause problems - for example too much selenium has been linked to increased diabetes risk and too much calcium to kidney damage. For this reason, it is important to ensure you are not exceeding the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for each group by taking more than the stated dose. That said, reputable multi mineral products will only contain safe levels of each substance.