Mind & Body - Keep your mind healthy

We all want to upgrade ourselves. Physical perfection in our own eyes can be hard to reach. Eating the correct foods and exercising regularly is crucial but sometimes doing this may not be enough. This is where supplements come in. And there seems to be a supplement for everything nowadays, whether you want to get leaner, increase muscle mass or to improve concentration or energy levels. It is important to remember though, that supplements are no replacement for regular exercise and healthy eating, but they can ‘help’.When it comes to the mind, stay at the top of your game. Here are a few supplements to help sharpen it.

For a healthier mind - Fish oil or Omega 3 to be exact. There are many supplements including:


Chemist Direct Omega 3 1000mg

for just £3.88 Seven Seas Advanced Pulse Omega 3

for £7.16 Healthaid Omega 3 

for £12.89!


For writing – Creatine, as it increases the amount of energy within the brain. There are many brands that produce this in different forms including Lucozade Sport, Maximuscle, La Muscle, Garnell Nutrition and Dymatize.

La Muscle Creatine tablets may be best at just £28.99.


For short-term focus – studies have suggested that chewing on a 2mg tab can fire up electrical nerve impulses and help focus attention! Nicorette, Niquitin & Nicotinell all provide these. For just £4.99 you can get your hands on Nicorette Freshmint Gum 2mg 30 tabs.


For a better memory – Caffeine as this stimulates the frontal lobe of the brain which controls memory. A regular coffee can do this, but if you don’t have one to hand you can try

Pro Plus 24 tabs

at £1.73 or 48 tabs

at £3.58 or even try Red Kooga Energise

(£1.99 promo price)

Herbal Remedies


Feel like trying the herbal route? Here are just a few supplements you can try to help alleviate pain, to sleep easier and for instant energy. Take a look for a few ideas.

For Pain Relief:


Feverfew Capsules – eases the limited blood flow to the brain which is what causes migraines.Try Heathaid Feverfew for just £5.42.


Clove Oil – is a topical pain reliever kind of like a local anaesthetic. Get Care+ Clove Oil here for just £1.17

To Sleep Easy:


Valerian. Researchers suggest this is the best herbal sleep aid. Get FSC Valerain Root for just £2.63. St John’s Wort – inhibit the central nervous system and boosts the uptake of sleep hormones. It may largely benefit insomniacs who may also suffer from depression. Kira St John’s Wort is just £14.34!

For Immediate Energy:


CoQ10 converts glucose to ATP – fuel essential for muscle contraction. Healthaid CoQ10 is only £7.16
Siberian Ginseng increases stamina. It balances hormone levels and lowers blood pressure, so you are able to use your body’s reserves more efficiently. Kudos Siberian Ginseng is £4.99.It is also available from brands such as Healthaid, Quest, Floradix & FSC.


Ginkgo Bilboa improves blood flow, helping the body to deal with stress. FSC Ginkgo Bilboa is just £6.20