Antibacterial & Antiseptic Aids

Shop here for essential antibacterial and antiseptic aids. We help you shop for antiseptic aids from trusted brands like Dettol, Germolene, Nelsons, Savlon, and more. In this range you will find products like antiseptics, disinfectants, and hand hygiene. Now you can keep your skin and your home clean easily.

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Antibacterial & Antiseptic aids available at Chemist Direct

When we fall over, cut ourselves, get a graze or a minor wound, in order to keep out infection it is best to immediately treat it with an liquid antiseptic (even though it may sting a little) its the best way to keep a wound clean.

What else are antiseptic aids used for?

Some can even be used to help sterilise surfaces like the household name Dettol, as well as for personal hygiene uses. And Milton can be used for sterilisation of surfaces, baby feeding & weaning equipment killing germs so you can be safe in the knowledge your baby is almost free from germs.

Keep your skin and home clean...easily

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