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Iglu Rapid Relief Gel Mouth Ulcer Treatment

Iglu Rapid Relief Gel Mouth Ulcer Treatment

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Iglu Rapid Relief Gel is a fast working treatment, providing soothing pain relief from common ulcers, sore gums and denture rubbing.


Iglu Rapid Relief Gel has been specifically created with a triple action formula to treat mouth ulcers and speed up the healing process. The gel works by sticking fast to provide a protective long-lasting barrier over and around the ulcer, locking in the active ingredients lidocaine hydrochloride to numb the pain and aminoacridine hydrochloride to fight infection. Finally, the gel shields exposed nerve endings whilst protecting delicate tissue as the ulcer heals. Alcohol and sugar free, this gel is suitable for adults and children aged 7 years and older.

Use a clean tissue to gently remove excess moisture and saliva from the ulcer area. Squeeze a small quantity of gel onto a clean, dry fingertip or cotton bud. Apply directly onto the ulcer using a single, gentle wiping action (avoid dabbing). The gel might seem paste-like and sticky at first; however, on contact with saliva, it will form a flexible and lasting adhesive shield over and around the ulcer area.

Do not use Iglü Rapid Relief Gel if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to lidocaine hydrochloride, aminoacridine hydrochloride or any of the other ingredients of Iglü Rapid Relief Gel. Do not apply excessive amounts of the gel, and avoid applying gel to the back of the tongue and throat area. If you are treating sores caused by rubbing from false teeth/dentures etc, avoid using Iglü Rapid Relief Gel at the same time (e.g. use the gel at night or when not wearing dentures).

Like all medicines, the gel may have side effects. Hypersensitivity reactions to lidocaine hydrochloride and aminoacridine hydrochloride occur rarely. If you become wheezy or short of breath after using the gel, discontinue use and contact your doctor or a pharmacist immediately. If you are concerned about any other side effects, seek medical advice.

The active ingredients are lidocaine hydrochloride (0.66% w/w) and aminoacridine hydrochloride (0.05% w/w). The other ingredients are carbomer, hydroxypropylcellulose, white soft paraffin, liquid paraffin and peppermint oil.


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Iglu Rapid Relief Gel Mouth Ulcer Treatment
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Iglu Rapid Relief Gel Mouth Ulcer Treatment
5.00 stars

kept biting inside of my mouth and it turned into a nasty and very very sore ulcer,I found it so painful drinking and eating, my friend told me about iglu and I went and bought it right away, I used it straight away and the relief was amazing, the next day my ulcer has settled down and the pain has gone, its brilliant stuff, I would really recommend this to anyone, I m going to make sure I have this in my home at all times!!

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