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Cope with Migraines


How to Cope with a Migraine?


Migraine headaches can be tough and very uncomfortable. For each person, there are no migraine is the same and will affect people differently. Varying from moderate to severe levels of pain and discomfort, some people find themselves unable to work or find it difficult to care for themselves.

That said, there are certain things you can do and certain steps you can take to better cope and manage your migraine. In this Chemist Direct article, we look at these simple steps.

Create a Calm Environment for your Migraine

Your environment can be a contributor to how much your migraine can affect you. When realising a migraine is coming on, you should look to adapting your environment to better cope with it. These environmental changes are relatively simple.

Lights and lighting can be a key contributing factor as to how severe your migraine affects you. This is because some people who suffer from migraines find themselves sensitive to light. If this is the case, it is good to turn off the lights or close the curtains, and relax in the dark.

Your body temperature is something to consider, it is another factor which would affect or contribute to your migraine. The use of a hot or cold compress to your head or neck could help provide relief. An ice pack can be very effective as it may numb the sensation of pain.

Eating Better can Help with your Migraine

Your diet and eating habits can influence your migraines can influence your migraine. That is why besides for your health and wellbeing, you should eat wisely. You don’t need to adopt an extreme or greatly different diet to your current one unless it is a particularly bad one.

Being consistent can have a great effect. You should eat roughly at the same time each day and avoid missing meals. Missing meals should be especially avoided as fasting can cause migraines.

You may find keeping a food journal could also be beneficial. Some people may find certain foods may be triggering their migraines. By tracking your meals, you can better identify a potential cause of your migraines and avoid them in the future.

Use the Right Migraine Treatment

Making sure you have the right migraine medication or remedy is important and ready for when you feel one come on. From your everyday paracetamol or Nurofen to more specialised medications, it is good to have these treatments on hand. Whether it's in your coat pocket or purse to keep a packet at your office desk, this can help cope with a migraine better.

If you are unsure on whether a certain type of remedy or treatment is right for you, please speak with your pharmacist or doctor for further guidance.

Managing Stress Can Help Against Migraines

Migraines have been linked to stress. Now, it is impossible to completely avoid stress. However, you can stake steps to control and manage your stress to support you and better cope with your migraines.

How you do this is up to you. From managing your time better or taking a break to simplify your lifestyle and adjusting your attitude, you need to find out which works best for you.

At Chemist Direct, we understand how trying and uncomfortable migraine headaches can be. That is why our in-house pharmacy team works with leading healthcare and pharmaceutical brands to provide our customers with the best Migraine Remedies that are currently available and at a competitive price. Check out our migraine products today.