How Regaine® For Men Foam Works


Follow these steps twice a day

STEP 1: Ensure you wash your hands before applying the foam

STEP 2: Part your hair to expose your scalp, making sure your scalp is dry. If you use a comb, make sure it has rounded, widely spaced teeth

STEP 3: Hold the can vertically and press the nozzleto dispense the topical foam: about half a cap full. Always use the recommended 1gr dose

STEP 4: Rub the foam into your scalp and gently massage it throughout the affected area. Wash your hands when you are done

Start your REGAINE® routine

  • You brush your teeth daily, so applying REGAINE® for Men Foam is just an additional step to your daily routine.
  • Use REGAINE® twice a day: once in the morning, once in the evening.
  • Leave roughly 12 hours between applications.
  • Don’t worry if you miss an application. Just keep to the routine of morning and night.

Be patient!

  • Result’s won’t appear overnight: REGAINE® for Men Foam is clinically proven to keep or regrow hair in 9/10 men after 16 weeks of use
  • Shedding may occur between weeks 2 and 6. The shedding process shouldn’t last more than 2 weeks but if it persists for longer seek medical advice.
  • You should keep using REGAINE for as long as you want to maintain the effect. If you stop using the product, you will lose the hair that grew back and will most likely revert to the previous pattern of hair loss.

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