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Regaine for Women

Regaine® for Women Foam has been formulated following six years of research in five countries and is the only clinically proven foam to regrow hair. More than 80% of women who participated in clinical studies increased their hair count.

How Regaine for Women Works

It's a commonly held myth that genetic hair loss in women is only inherited from one side of the family. In reality, women can inherit the hair loss gene from their mother, their father, or from both parents.

While it might not feel like it, hair loss is surprisingly common in women. The only difference is what is causing the hair loss. 6 possible causes of hair loss in women are:

1. Hereditary hair loss
2. Stress
3. Diet
4. Hormone Imbalance
5. Alopecia Areata
6. Over Styling

Regaine for Women Foam contains minoxidil and is the only clinically proven foam to regrow women's hair.

Easy Once a Day Application

STEP 1: Wash your hands thoroughly before applying the foam.
STEP 2: Ensure both the hair and scalp are completely dry before applying REGAINE® for Women Foam
STEP 3: Hold the can upside down and press the nozzle to dispense foam onto fingers. The total amount of foam should not exceed 1g (1/2 capful)
STEP 4: Massage the foam lightly into the affected areas of the scalp
STEP 5: Wash your hands thoroughly after applying the foam

Minoxidil- the only over-the-counter active ingredient to help stop hereditary hair loss

REGAINE® for Women Foam has been developed following 6 years of research in 5 countries and is the only clinically proven foam to regrow hair.

80% of women studied experienced hair regrowth. It's important to remember that you have to keep using REGAINE® for Women Foam in order to maintain hair regrowth. Clinically visible results may be seen as early as 12 weeks.

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