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Good Bubble Ė The importance of bath time

We love bath time! Not only is it important in getting our kids are squeaky clean, it is also brilliant for strengthening their neural pathways and presents a great bonding opportunity for you and your child. Read on to find out how you can make the most of this special time.

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Did you know?

Most parents spend around 23 minutes per day on bath time with their children. This equates to roughly ten hours every month! Itís a place where every smell and touch is going to contribute to the development of your baby and is an essential bonding time for parent and child.

A multi-sensory experience

Bath time is a time for touch, which is vital for emotional and cognitive development. When you place your baby in the bath or you rub baby lotion into their skin, the vagus nerve is stimulated, which is linked to different parts of the body. It slows blood pressure, heart rate, and physiology, as well as changing the brain waves in the direction of relaxation. Research conducted by developmental psychologist Tiffany Field has deemed that touch is linked with less aggression in children.

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A tech-free space

Given that most of our tech devices arenít waterproof yet, weíre far less likely to risk bring or phones or iPads into bathroom, especially given the average splash zone our cheeky monkeys tend to create! Bath time is now one of the only times we have with our kids where neither us or them are distracted by technology. Itís an opportunity to connect, to talk about their day or to simply just play, without being bothered by the outside world.

How to avoid the bath time tantrums

As we often bathe our little ones just before bedtime, itís not uncommon to experience a tantrum or two as the kids start to get tired and weary.

There are a number of different things that you can do in order to help your child if the sight of the bathroom sends them into melt down. One of the best options is to look for ways to make the bath seem more appealing and peaceful. Music and books can help with this. Singing songs and playing music can help to stimulate parts of the brain responsible for memory as well, so the benefits are two-fold.

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We also have a number of natural toiletries for babies and children at Good Bubble that are designed to make bath time more appealing and comfortable. Our products are delicate on young skin and tear-free. Our bath time characters Dexter Dragon Fruit, Clara Cloudberry and of course the world-famous Julia Donaldson family, help to add some magic to bath time.

Check out our full range to find a character your child will love and make bath time more appealing. Our wash mitt range is also ideal for helping to make getting clean more fun too!

If youíre still experiencing tears at bath time, why not try getting in with them? If you donít have a bath, you could try getting in the shower with your little one and cuddling them under the showerhead whilst washing their hair and helping them to get clean. Skin-to-skin contact is not just for newborns, and this bonding experience will really help to affirm positive associations with personal hygiene and settle them before bedtime, for (hopefully!) a full nightís sleep.

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