Glycerin (Glycerol) Suppositories BP 2g Childrens

Glycerin (Glycerol) Suppositories BP 2g Children's Glycerin (Glycerol) Suppositories BP 2g Children's

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Glycerin Childrens Suppositories are for the short term treatment of constipation.

Glycerin (Glycerol) Suppositories BP 2g Children's are formulated specifically for children who suffer from occasional constipation and will work promptly without upsetting the digestive system. This suppositories are fast-acting and will allow your child to stay regular and eliminate any discomfort caused by constipation.

This product is suitable for children aged 2 years and above. 


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5.00 stars

Really easy to use, does what it says and helped my child go to the toilet . Would definately recommend.

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5.00 stars

The rectal insertion aspect may upset some, but these are really the best laxative out there. The side effect risk is virtually nil - because they dont stimulate/irritate the whole bowel and only a severe overdose would cause any rectal bleeding. And theyre fast acting, too.Theyre especially recommended for parents of habitually constipated children, e.g those with hereditary slow colons, who will really need regular laxatives to sustain bowel health and overall health. Bear in mind, the American Journal of Gastroenterology has admitted now that regular laxative use does not cause dependency or damage to the colon and rectum, and that dietary remedies may have no effect. So for mum and dad its a matter of choosing the most dependable medication for the child. Voila, the glycerin suppository - guaranteed itll make them do a smelly in a few minutes!

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5.00 stars

The safest and most reliable laxative - a very useful tool when dealing with a recurrent constipation sufferer.It works by osmosis and lubrication - its not a strong stimulant-irritantChances of addiction-forming minimal (according to Dr E Shmueli, theories re: laxative addiction are based on discredited evidence anyway)Chances of severe irritation to the anus/rectum minor (in event of overdose)Chances of dehydration minimalWhich is just as well - these are a staple in my house. The potty training days may be long gone but I still frequently have to put a jelly up my little one to make sure shes doing a dooh every day.

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