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Frontline Combo Spot-On For Large Dogs 20-40 kg

6 pipettes
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Product #0018126

Frontline Combo Spot-On For Large Dogs 20-40 kg is an highly effective treatment fleas and ticks for up to 8 weeks. It also inhibits the development of flea eggs and larvae on the dog and in the dogs enviroment up to 8 weeks after application. Can only be used on dogs over 8 weeks old.

Frontline Spot-On Combo For Large Dogs 20-40 kg can used against infestations with fleas, ticks and biting lice. It eliminates fleas within 24 hours, ticks within 48 hours and lice within 48 hours. Each treatment of Frontline Spot-On Combo for dogs will eliminate adult fleas for up to 8 weeks and ticks for 4 weeks. The application will also inhibit the development of flea larvae and eggs for 8 weeks which will prevent infestation of the home as well as the animal.

How does Frontline Spot On-Combo For Large Dogs 20-40 kg?

Frontline Spot On-Combo For Large Dogs 20-40 kg acts by direct contact with parasites and not via your pets bloodstream. It kills fleas within 24 hours without requiring them to bite your pet.

1. Frontline Spot On Combo For Large Dogs 20-40 kg is applied externally to your pets skin on the back of the neck.

2. The active ingredient, fipronil, quickly dissolves into the natural oils of your pets skin and coat, dispersing over the entire body surface within 24 hours and concentrating in the skin's oil glands to form a reservoir.

3. Fipronil is then secreted with the natural oils of the skin and hair, continuously coating your pets skin and hair for several weeks after application in fact it’s the longest-lasting spot on flea treatment. 

Frontline Combo Spot-On For Large Dogs 20-40 kg
5 stars

Frontline Combo - the way forward when walking your dog through fields and meadows. Worry No more about ticks and fleas.

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Frontline Combo Spot-On For Large Dogs 20-40 kg
5 stars

I have used frontline for 11 years on my cats and dogs and, i would highly recommend it as safe and easy to use, opposed to other products.The Combi front line compared to the regular frontline is even better as it sterilises the eggs laid from the lice. So if you have seen a flea in the home you can control it before there is an infestation. It has always worked for me, and as I have 2 large dogs, I am really happy to have just found this online chemist that sells a six pack for £23 less than my vets, so I will definitely be coming back, as it makes the joy of having my pets so much more affordable!

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