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Flea Life Cycle
Your pet needs to be protected regularly from fleas and worms all year round.
Fleas are often infected with the larval stage of the Flea Tapeworm. If cats or dogs swallow an infected flea, the worm develops in the gut.
As the weather warms up, fleas and ticks start to breed quicker and quicker.
The summer months are when your pet is at the most risk. The temperature and humidity can quickly lead to huge infestation and massive problems for your pet and your family.
This is the time of year when it’s particularly important to guard against tick infestations and the re-emergence of fleas – especially when you turn on the central heating.

It might be cold outside but your warm home makes an ideal breeding ground for fleas – the risk to your pet never goes away.
That’s why it’s so important to keep regular treatment, whatever the time of year.
Chemist Direct supply a vast amount of flea and worming products that can successfully get rid of fleas and keep them gone all year round.