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When to use Feliway

Cats are not naturally suited to our modern lifestyle. There are many situations and events which can be potentially stressful. The most important ones are listed below.

  • Change in environment
  • Introducing your cat to new animals
  • Bonfire Night
  • New Years Eve
  • Trips to the vets/ cattery

The consequences of feline stress

Cats may react to stress in a number of ways and also to a varying degree. Some cats may be able to cope very well with a stressful event or a change in their environment and may only feel uncomfortable for a few days or just a few hours. In this case, stress is unlikely to have any serious consequences. However, others will have serious problems coping with even small challenges. These cats are far more likely to suffer acute or chronic stress, which can have a real impact on their health, contributing to or exacerbating problems such as cystitis, dermatological conditions, anorexia and obesity.

Please note: If you are worried about your cat's stress level or if you believe your cat is suffering from any of the medical conditions discussed above, consult your veterinarian before engaging in any course of action. He/she will recommend suitable options which may include behaviour therapy if appropriate