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All About ExSeed Health

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Infertility occurs when a couple is unable to have conceive after engaging in regular sexual intercourse. It can affect both men and women and around 1 in 6 couples have difficulty conceiving [1]. It is often assumed that when heterosexual couples are unable to get pregnant, the responsibility is on the woman however, it is said that at least 40% of issues with fertility are down to the male [2]. So, the question is: have you ever had an issue with fertility? For many men, the question doesn’t even crop up. But like anything, prevention is better than the cure and you don’t want to leave anything too late. If you’re looking to start a family, a male fertility test could be your solution.

ExSeed Health have created the ideal clinic-standard home fertility testing kit which enhances your chances of conception and provides quick results within a matter of minutes. If you’re wondering what makes ExSeed unique against all the other home fertility testing kits on the market, there’s a multitude of reasons! First of all, everything is easy and discreet – right down to the packaging, so you don’t have to worry about any nosy neighbours honing into your private business. Secondly, you can say goodbye to extended wait times – with the ExSeed kit, you can receive results within 15 minutes! As well as a personalised lifestyle plan to reach your goals, you will gain ongoing support from fertility experts.

ExSeed Health

How home fertility kits work

With the effects of the pandemic taking the world by storm, it comes as no surprise that people are veering towards home kits, rather than going to an actual clinic as their preferred method of fertility testing. If you’re wondering how to use one, look no further because we have all the answers. The kit contains everything you need:
  • A sample cup and lid
  • Pipette
  • Glass slide
  • Wipe
  • ExSeed device
ExSeed Health fertility kit

In order to effectively carry out a test, simply produce a semen sample into the cup provided, use the pipette to put a few drops onto the slide, and then insert the slide into the ExSeed device. The wonders of technology then allow you to use your smartphone to record footage of the sample, which essentially performs microscopy (the process they use in laboratories) and analyses it. ExSeed Health have worked with well-established fertility labs to ensure this test is CE certified as an IVD medical device with accuracy of 95%!

The test measures numerous variables. Semen volume, aka the amount of semen produced per ejaculation, is monitored, as well as the concentration and mobility of the sperm. After collating this information, the total motile sperm count (the number of good-moving sperm cells in one submission) is established to indicate how fertile you are.

There are, however, 6 rules to follow when testing your fertility using ExSeed.

1. Abstain from ejaculation 2-3 days before testing

As your testicles constantly produce sperm, when you ejaculate, the stored sperm cells are then released. It then takes up to 3 days for your sperm to be “refilled” in a sense, so it is important to allow time for this to happen to avoid having a low sperm count.

2. Consistency is key

With anything, it’s always good to be consistent in order to see results. As long as you follow the rules each time, you can obtain comparable results and keep a clear record of your fertility.

3. Collect your sample in the cup

To ensure cytotoxicity (the quality of being toxic to cells) can be tested, it is paramount that you deposit your sperm in the ExSeed cup provided in the kit. In addition, try and collect the whole sample – including the first few drops. This enables ExSeed to deliver the most valid results.

4. Avoid using lubricants

Products like lubricants, oils, and creams contain spermicides that essentially kill sperm cells, as well contain unwanted plastics and residue that may cause inaccurate results. Do not use these whilst using the ExSeed kit!

5. Refresh your sperm stock

As previously mentioned, abstaining from ejaculating for 2-3 days is the ideal time for the epididymis to be refilled. Anything over that can result in the existing sperm cells that are already stored in the testicles to deteriorate and thus lose their ability to swim. It is important to ejaculate a couple of times in the weeks before testing to ensure fresh sperm is submitted.

6. Timing is everything

As sperm cells don’t have a long ‘shelf life’, testing them after 15 minutes but before 60 minutes is ideal. Make sure you read the ExSeed Instructions for Use thoroughly and make sure you have everything you need before conducting your business. It is recommended that a semen sample is discarded if it has been kept longer than 60 minutes, and a new sample is provided 3 days later to commence a new test.

Benefits of ExSeed

Aside from the obvious – going to a fertility clinic and having to ‘do it in a cup’ under pressure in an environment you’re not totally comfortable with – there are so many benefits to at-home fertility testing.

Feel more at ease at home

Being in the comfort of your own home allows you time to relax and take things at your own pace. While there is absolutely no shame in submitting a sperm sample, we understand it can be daunting and uncomfortable, so being at home makes the process that bit more comfortable and lessens the anxiety.

Kickstart your fertility journey early

It is believed that even for couples with optimum fertility, it can take around 12 months to conceive [3]. Time really is of the essence and it’s better to start sooner, rather than later. As sperm regenerates every 72 days, it’s a good start to know what lifestyle changes you make in the interim, if any, and get started on them. Being proactive in your approach to your fertility journey will allow you time to implement any changes as well as create a plan to address any more serious underlying issues if necessary.

Quick and efficient

With the ExSeed kit, results are quick. The efficient process allows you to submit your sample and receive your results all without leaving your home – so you can cut out the faff of waiting on appointments at your local clinic. You can take your fertility in your own hands, at your own pace.

ExSeed Health device

Never worry about fertility testing again and start your journey in the comfort of your own home with ExSeed Health’s state-of-the-art kit. With an easy-to-use format and quick delivery of results, you can now diminish that feeling of dread that you get when you think about going to the clinic to deposit a sample. It couldn’t be any easier! For FAQs, see here.